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MITBDT Rookies at Holy Cross 2019

Rookie couple Madison Leone (MIT) and Julia Bowers (Wellesley) represented MITBDT at the 2019 Holy Cross Crusader Classic. The event was held on February 9th, 2019, on the Holy Cross campus in Worcester, MA.

Maddie and Julia had an amazing showing in both Bronze and Silver events! Courageous enough to try American Viennese Waltz one week in to their second semester on the team, they were recalled to the final round from a semifinal and placed 7th out of eight finalist couples! Also wanting to try Samba and International Foxtrot, both offered only at the Silver level, Maddie and Julia competed in the Silver Samba/Jive two-dance event and were recalled from semifinals into the finals! They also placed 5th out of six couples in the Silver International Tango/Foxtrot 2-dance event.

This powerhouse rookie couple continued to shine in the remaining Bronze events. From quarterfinals, Maddie and Julia placed 4th in Bronze Waltz/Quickstep and 5th in Bronze American Waltz/Tango; from an octafinal they placed 6th in American Foxtrot. They also rocked the Latin division, winning 4th place in Bronze International and American Chacha/Rumba and 7th in Swing. (Wondering why they don’t have results in Bronze Jive? Remember, it’s because they were busy making the finals in Silver Samba/Jive!)

What’s the key to their success? Well, besides amazing coaching, Maddie has practically been living in Lobby 13 and practicing at all hours of the day, and Julia has joined her for grueling practices before and after winter break. They truly are inspiration for the power of hard work. MITBDT looks forward to seeing this couple progress through the ranks, even into the Open level!

Tufts 2018

November 18, 2018
Salemwood School; Medford, MA

List of team finalists

Congratulations to Corey Cleveland and Clio Flikkema for winning first place in the Prechamp Standard 4-dance and first place overall in Prechamp Standard! MITBDT dancers took home the top three overall awards in Silver Standard.

Six Standard rookie couples and seven Latin rookie couples ventured to the competition too. Our rookies had great results! Of particular note, MITBDT rookies claimed five of the finalist spots in Newcomer Swing!

DCDI 2018

MITBDT celebrates our competitors who danced at the DC DanceSport Inferno (DCDI) this past weekend! The competition was hosted by Ballroom at Maryland at the University of Maryland, College Park. Our open dancers faced fierce competition during their events in the late afternoon and evening of Saturday, November 11th, 2018.

Congratulations to Charlie Hirst and Laura Aravena, who scored 1st place in Prechamp Smooth and made it to the semifinals of Open Smooth! Congratulations also to Ryan Bisbey and Marissa Pioso, who came in 6th in the Open Latin 5-dance.

We are proud of our three couples who competed in Prechamp Standard: Corey Cleveland and Clio Flikkema, Boris Yelin and Lin Quek, and Charlie and Laura. Corey and Clio also represented MITBDT in Prechamp Latin, and Boris joined Amanda Hutter in Prechamp Smooth.

Way to go, couples!

Brown 2018

October 28, 2018
Rhodes on the Pawtucket; Cranston, RI

List of team finalists

MITBDT won the Christina Cryan Newcomer Team Match for the thirteenth straight year! We also claimed third place in the team match. Congratulations to our rookies, who had a very strong presence in the Newcomer finals and semifinals.

Congratulations also to Jesse Kirkpatrick and Electra Carzis for placing out of Gold Latin; we welcome you to the Open division!

Harvard Beginners 2018

October 14, 2018
Malkin Athletic Center, Harvard University campus

List of team finalists

Congratulations to all the rookies who competed in their very first ballroom dance competition after only five weeks of practice!
MITBDT won 1st and 2nd places (actually, several others too) in the Rookie-Vet team match!

MITBDT was also represented in the Open showcase performances that took place over lunch. The Latin performance featured Ryan Bisbey & Marissa Pioso, Michael Moebius & Jessica Bernier, and Mikhail Agrba & Christina Jarymowycz. Boris Yelin performed in the Open Rhythm showcase with Tsotso Ablorh and in the concluding Open Smooth showcase with Amanda Hutter.

Classes Start Sept. 10th!

After learning the basics of six dances at Dance Camp, we hope you’re ready to¬†join our classes, which start Monday, September 10! If you couldn’t make Dance Camp, no worries, our classes start off with the basics so you feel confident on your feet.

No partner or dance experience is required, in fact, most team members join without any prior dance experience! Classes are open to MIT and Wellesley students, alums, and affiliates. If you are not sure if you are eligible, just ask!


Beginner Class Schedule

Here is an overview of our weekly class schedule for new dancers. If you have prior dance experience, please contact our rookie coordinator ( to determine which level of classes is best for you!

* 7:00pm Standard with Ben & Esther
* 8:15pm Latin with Fil & Esther

* 7:30pm Standard with professional coach Charlotte
* 8:30pm Latin with professional coach Armin

* 7:30pm Standard with Fil
* 8:30pm Latin with Fil

Class locations vary each week based on room availability. To get updates on class locations, please add yourself to the mailing list.

Questions? Feel free to email our rookie coordinator (!

MIT 2018

April 28-29, 2018
MIT campus, Rockwell Cage

There were 90 MITBDT dancers, out of a total of 950 competitors!

List of team finalists

Congratulations to our 11 rookies who completed a grueling 19-dance this year: Constantin Weisser(G), Daria Osipova, Jonathan Tidor(G), Katie Mathison(’19), Miray Omurtak, Nick Ning, Patrik Braun(G), Sonia Zhang, Victor Quach(G), Virginia Faust, and Yuening Zhang(G)! Honorable mention to rookies Zhifen Chen, Rachel Connick(G), Hamid Doosthosseini(G), and Maiya Tracy, who also competed in all four styles this weekend!

Congratulations also to Giorgio Gaglia and Anna Gavrilman, and to Evan Sadler and Alisa Zosin, for finaling in Championship Latin; and to Giorgio and Natasha Struchkova for finaling in Championship Smooth!

Harvard 2018

March 31 – April 1, 2018
Harvard University campus, Northwest Building

List of team finalists
Congratulations to Giorgio Gaglia and Anna Gavrilman, who won Champ Latin!
Congrats also to Cedric Delmy and Rachael Schwartz for placing out of Gold Latin; and to Charlie Hirst and Laura Aravena for placing out of Silver Latin!

WPI 2018

March 17th, 2018
WPI campus, Sports & Recreation Center; Worcester, MA

List of team finalists
8 MITBDT dancers – all placed in finals!

BU 2018

February 11, 2018
BU campus, Metcalf Ballroom

List of team finalists
Congratulations to Boris Yelin & Juliana Neves for placing third in Champ Latin!
Congrats also to Jesse Kirkpatrick and Electra Carzis for placing out of Silver Latin!