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Harvard 2019

March 2-3, 2019
Harvard University campus, Northwest Building

List of team finalists
What a showing in Novice Latin – MITBDT had 6 couples in the 7 couple final! Congratulations to Nino Salazar and Marina Hostrop for winning Novice Latin and getting 3rd in Prechamp Latin!

BU 2019

February 10, 2019
George Sherman Union, BU campus, Boston, MA

List of team finalists

Congratulations to Boris Yelin & Amanda Hutter for winning first place in both Champ and Prechamp Smooth events!

Congratulations also to Jonathan Tidor & Katie Mathison for sweeping Silver Standard and Smooth, Roman Stolyarov & Anna Soong for sweeping Silver Latin, and Alicia Xie & Alexandra Martinez Lopez for sweeping Bronze Latin! MIT had strong representation at all levels in all styles. Way to go couples!

Columbia 2018

December 1-2, 2018
Columbia University Campus, Alfred Lerner Hall; New York City, NY

List of team finalists

Congratulations to our Champ Smooth finalists: Charles Hirst & Laura Aravena, and Boris Yelin & Amanda Hutter!

Kudos to rookie couple Dennis Talavera & Selina Liu who swept Newcomer Standard; yearling couple Jerry Bai & Miray Omurtak who swept Bronze Rhythm, and second-years Jesse Kirkpatrick & Electra Carzis who swept Gold Rhythm!

MITBDT Featured in MIT News

MITBDT was the subject of a featured video in MIT news!

Hear former team captain Corey Cleveland (’17) share what he loves about ballroom dance, and see our team members in action at Latin rounds!

Our gratitude goes to Lillie Paquette for producing this amazing video!

Corey was also interviewed by Meg Murphy. Learn more about Corey’s experiences with ballroom dance in the full article submitted to the MIT News Office in April 2017: Having a ball.