YCN Proficiency Points

The MIT Open rules include use of YCN proficiency points. The system is described here for your convenience.

Please note: Beginning in 2018, the MIT Open is transitioning to a single-ladder system. We hope the system provides more consistent integration of the Novice level as it becomes more commonly offered at collegiate competitions. This system may be further refined in the future.

For a description of the old multi-ladder system, see here.


The single-ladder YCN system recognizes seven consecutive levels, in increasing order of proficiency: Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-Championship, and Championship.

Placing in the final of a level earns you points simultaneously in that level and the ones below it. Once you earn 7 (seven) points in a level, you can no longer dance at that level.

Events qualify only if there was at least a semi-final danced. Points are earned as follows:

Multi-Dance Events

In multi-dance events, points are earned for each dance according to the combined placement. For example, if you place 3rd in a Silver Samba/Jive event, you earn points for placing 3rd in Silver Samba and 3rd in Silver Jive, even if the actual separate placement was different (say, 2nd and 4th).

Combined-Level Events



Note that at the MIT Open, Newcomer is equivalent to Pre-Bronze, Beginner is equivalent to Bronze; Intermediate is equivalent to Silver; and Advanced is equivalent to Gold.

If you have any questions regarding the application of the YCN proficiency points system to the MIT Open, contact our competition coordinator.

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