These are the estimated start times of each event. Within a given style, we will interweave rounds of different levels. We will conclude each style completely before beginning the next style (including time for costume changes, for Open events only).

Saturday Morning

7:00am - Doors open
7:50am - Last call for Beginner Standard
8:00am - Beginner Standard
8:30am - Intermediate Standard
11:00am - Advanced Standard
11:30am - Pre-Championship Standard

Saturday Afternoon

1:00pm - Novice Standard
1:45pm - Championship Standard preliminaries
2:45pm - Pre-Championship Rhythm
3:00pm - Championship Rhythm preliminaries
3:45pm - Pre-Championship Smooth
4:00pm - Championship Smooth preliminaries
4:15pm - Newcomer Standard/Smooth
5:15pm - Novice Latin
5:30pm - Pre-Championship Latin
6:00pm - Newcomer Rhythm/Latin
7:00pm - Championship Latin preliminaries
Please be ready to clear the ballroom following competitive events, in preparation for the showcase.

Saturday Evening

8:00pm - Doors open
8:30pm - Professional Standard showcase (ticket required)
9:15pm - Championship finals
11:00pm - Goodnight, competitors

Sunday Morning

7:00am - Doors open
7:50am - Last call for Beginner Latin
8:00am - Beginner Latin
8:30am - Intermediate Latin
10:15am - Advanced Latin

Sunday Afternoon

12:15pm - Beginner Rhythm
12:45pm - Intermediate Rhythm
2:15pm - Advanced Rhythm
4:00pm - Beginner Smooth
4:15pm - Intermediate Smooth
5:30pm - Advanced Smooth
7:30pm - Farewell, competitors

Schedule Notes

1. We reserve the right to run up to 30 minutes ahead of the listed schedule. Please be in the ballroom, in costume, ready to dance up to 30 minutes before the published times.

2. We have included costume change time between each style in the qualifying and open rounds. There is minimal costume change time between the syllabus sessions on Sunday. Beginners should change after their finals and before awards while intermediate and advanced finals are running.

3. There is no cost to spectators for the amateur events. We do ask that spectators check in at the ticket desk so we can have an accurate count of attendees.