Venue Location and Address

The competition will take place on the MIT campus in the Rockwell Cage, located at 106 Vassar Street, southwest of Vassar Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA.


The West Garage off Vassar Street is under construction, and is no longer available for competition parking. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Free daytime and overnight parking may be available at the following lots:

Note that the Main Lot, which is accessed by going under Building 39 on Vassar Street, is off-limits 24 hours a day.

Directions and Maps

To the MIT Area

Here's how to get to MIT, according to MIT's homepage. You might also try searching for 106 Vassar Street on google maps.

To the Venue

The venue, Rockwell Cage, is part of the Zesiger Athletics Complex (a.k.a. Z Center) at 106 Vassar Street. Come to the southern corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Vassar Street. Go west on Vassar. After passing two buildings, you will find a pathway that leads to the Zesiger Athletics entrance. Make an immediate left through the turnstiles, and you're in Rockwell. Welcome!

Lost on Campus?

If you are lost somewhere in MIT in Cambridge, MA, just ask any student to point you towards the MIT Student Center. Once you get to the front of the Student Center, face away from Massachusetts Avenue so that you'll have the Student Center on your right and a green lawn (Kresge Oval) on your left. Walk. You'll find the Zesiger entrance, just north of Kresge Lot. Incidentally, in the Student Center you can find food, Bank of America ATMs, and an MIT Coop store.