2016 MIT Open Registration and Events



Registration is now open.

Registration Deadlines:
Early registration closes: March 26, 2016
Regular Registration closes: April 8, 2016
Late Registration Closes: April 13, 2016

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Please be aware that we will have to close events if they become too large. Registering/adding an event will also not be possible less than fifteen minutes before the start of that event.

Please note that we use the following definitions for registration:

Student: Any full-time high school, undergraduate, or graduate student amateur

Adult: Any non-student amateur

Check out our Rules page for more information.
Registration email: mitbdt-registrar@mit.edu.


Double registration is only allowed between the Gold, PreChampionship, and Championship levels.

Fees are detailed in the table below:



Registration fees can be paid most easily through o2cm. We also accept checks made to MIT Ballroom Dance Team.

Please send checks to:

MIT Ballroom Dance Team
c/o Ron Hoffmann
MIT Room W92-191
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

If paying for more than yourself, please include a list of individuals you are paying for.


100% refund for cancellations made before the close of regular registration on April 8.
50% refund for cancellations made by April 16, 2015.
0% refund for cancellations/no-shows otherwise.


Please note that we may merge Pre-Championship and Championship events into a single Open event depending on registration numbers. If so, we will notify competitors in advance.

BeginnerS, C, R, P, JW, T, Vw, F, QC, R, Sw, B, MW, T, F, Vw
IntermediateS/J, C/R, PW/Q, T/F, VwC/R/Sw, B, MW/T, F, Vw
AdvancedS/J, C/R, PW/Q, T/F, VwC/R/Sw, B, MW/T, F, Vw
Pre-ChampS/J, C/R, PW/Q, T/F, VwCRSBW/T, F/Vw
Key: S: Samba
C: Cha
R: Rumba
P: Paso
J: Jive
W: Waltz
T: Tango
Vw: Viennese
F: Foxtrot
Q: Quickstep
C: Cha
R: Rumba
Sw: Swing
B: Bolero
M: Mambo
W: Waltz
T: Tango
Vw: Viennese
F: Foxtrot

Questions? Email mitbdt-comp-coord@mit.edu or mitbdt-registrar@mit.edu.