MITBDT Competes at Harvard Beginners’

Held on October 4th in Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Harvard Beginners’ is the first collegiate comp of the season. Although the team did not send its rookies to compete at HBC this year, MITBDT was still a strong presence there thanks to the fantastic performance of these dancers who made the finals:


Bronze R/Sw (19 couples, 1 MIT couples)
2. Cedric Delmy/Alexandra Radway

Silver R/Sw (15 couples, 1 MIT couple)
1. Matthew Cavuto/Juliana Neves


Bronze C/R (22 couples, 1 MIT couple)
6. Cedric Delmy/Alexandra Radway

Silver CR (23 couples, 4 MIT couples)
1. Matthew Cavuto/Juliana Neves
5. Alexander Creely/Francesca Majluf
6. Vitaly Abdrashitov/Courtney Delmonico

Gold C/R/S
1. Corey Cleveland/Clio Flikkema
3. Aaron Beal/Rachael Schwartz

Master of Syllabus Latin (15 couples, 5 MIT couples)
1. Corey Cleveland/Clio Flikkema
3. Matthey Cavuto/Juliana Neves
4. Aaron Beal/Rachael Schwartz


Gold W/T/F (7 couples, 1 MIT couple)
4. Vitaly Abdrashitov/Amy Ishiguro


Bronze W/Q (23 couples, 3 MIT couples)
3. Oles Shtanko/Anna Sineinikova

Silver W/Q (16 couples, 2 MIT couples)
1. Matthew Cavuto/Juliana Neves
3. Alexander Creely/Nancy Li

Gold W/T/Q (9 couples, 2 MIT couples)
3. Corey Cleveland/Clio Flikkema
4. Vitaly Abdrashitov/Amy Ishiguro

Master of Syllabus W/T/F/Q (19 couples, 4 MIT couples)
2. Matthew Cavuto/Juliana Neves
3. Anthony Kozloff/Shantel Mays
4. Corey Cleveland/Clio Flikkema
6. Alexander Creely/Nancy Li