MITBDT Members Make Finals at New England Dancesport Championships (NQE)

The New England Dancesport Championships, held on September 26th this year, is a qualifying event for USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. Finalists are qualified to compete at National in April, 2016. Let’s congratulate the MITBDT members who made finals at this NQE!


Amateur Adult Novice W/F/Q (8 couples, 2 MIT couples)
2. Jeff McCollum/Jessica Le
7. Dilip Thekoodan/Pamela Ziering

Amateur Adult Pre-champ W/T/Vw/F/Q (12 couples, 4 MIT couples)
3. Matthew Sorrentino/Theresa Vallese
4. Anthony Kozloff/Shantel Mays (Harvard)
7. Dilip Thekoodan/Pamela Ziering

Amateur Adult Championship W/T/Vw/F/Q (8 couples, 2 MIT couples)
3. Ben Moss/Esther Rheinbay
8. Anthony Kozloff/Shantel Mays


Amateur Adult Novice S/C/R (7 couples, 3 MIT couples)
2. Rafael Olivera/Agata Wisniowska
3. Tiago Souza/ Anna Gavrilman
5. Joseph Lomakin/Madalyn Berns

Amateur Adult Pre-champ S/C/R/J (5 couples, 3 MIT couples)
2. Tiago Souza/Anna Gavrilman
3. Rafael Olivera/Agata Wisniowska
4. Joseph Lomakin/Madalyn Berns