Dance Camp Recap: Thursday

Despite the gloomy, chilly weather we were having, Lobby 13 was filled with the bright sounds of our Dance Camp attendees laughing and chattering as they learned some Latin moves from Coach Armin Kappacher.

Armin teaching Dance Camp 2013.

Armin taught two hour-long classes – one Rumba, one Swing – with the precision that he is known for. “I loved Armin!” one attendee commented, “He was so sassy, and the class was so much fun. At one point he said, ‘Silence. To even be a mediocre dancer, you need to have self-discipline.’ It was great.” And so, with his words of wisdom, Armin guided the attendees through their first rumba walks, their first few steps in swing, and their first Latin routine.

As with our first day of Dance Camp, our Latin Night featured performances by our talented yearlings and veteran dancers. In addition to showcasing the Rumba and Swing that the attendees learned, they also sauntered around the room with an energetic Samba.

Unfortunately, as with all things, another fun night and successful day at Dance Camp came to an end. We were sad to see all of you go, but we hope to see you again this Saturday at Walker Gym for our Team Match! You will get to pair up with a veteran team member and dance in a “competition” as hosted by our team. If you don’t want to come for the competition, then come for the pizza and stay for the dancing!