Dance Camp Recap: Tuesday

Over one hundred MIT and Wellesley students and affiliates joined us for a magical night of ballroom dancing at Morss Hall.

Larinda McRaven introduced some basic steps from American Foxtrot, and Mark Sheldon taught an hour-long class on International Waltz. Within minutes, everyone was dancing to music, jiving with Sinatra and swirling around the room to Mark’s “one-two-three” counts.

Okay, to be honest, that was kind of an exaggeration. However, our first-time dancers were able to navigate throughout the floor with some grace – a great achievement for only one hour of instruction.

The two lessons were interspaced with three performances by our yearling and veteran team members. Their dancing was met with loud cheers and applause from the inspired onlookers. “It was actually kind of a frightening experience,” yearling Ross Finman commented. “But it was great to see how far I’ve come in the last year.”

Dance Camp 2013

We hope to see you at our next Dance Camp event this Thursday at Lobby 13 for some sassy Rumba and Swing lessons with Armin Kappacher, our inspirational Latin coach!