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October social dance

Who: Open to the public

When: 10/8/2011 Beginner Foxtrot Class at 7:30pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Morss Hall, Walker Memorial

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.

Beginner Dance Camp 2011

Are you an MIT or Wellesley student, staff member, alumnus or affiliate?  Interested in learning more about our award-winning team?  Check out Dance Camp: a ballroom crash-course aimed at complete beginners.  If you are an MIT or Wellesley student or affiliate, come and check us out!


No partner is necessary.  No experience is necessary.   No registration is necessary.  These classes are free, and we’ll even feed you!   We want to keep a fun and open environment.  Just come check us out to see if the team is right for you.  You don’t need to bring anything.  You aren’t making any commitment to the team by coming. Just come get some free food and learn some new moves!

Dance Camp Flyer

The classes are taught by professional dance instructors. You don’t need to attend them all – just come to the ones that fit your schedule.  Everyday clothes are fine, but it’s best to avoid wearing sandals.  After each class, there will be performances by team members.  We will also tell you everything you need to know about the team.  On Saturday there is a team match – but don’t worry!  You will be dancing with an experienced team member and you will be competing in teams of multiple couples.  It’s fun!

Note that there has been a last minute change in classes:

Tuesday, September 6    Morss Hall
7:30 pm             Foxtrot
8:30 pm             Waltz

Thursday, September 8    Lobby 13
7:30 pm             Rumba
8:30 pm             Swing
9:30 pm             Free ice cream!

Saturday, September 10    Sala de Puerto Rico
1:00pm – 5:00 pm   Cha Cha, Team Match, and FREE PIZZA

Click here if you wish to learn more about Dance Camp!

MITBDT Dance Concert

MITBDT is proud to announce its first Dance Concert, an evening dedicated to showcasing ballroom!

Photo credit: Ron Hoffmann  and Gbekeleoluwa Olowe

When: September 25, 8:30 pm. The event will be preceded by a reception for team alumni (by invitation only).

Where: Kresge Main Auditorium. Parking is available at Kresge parking lot.

Featuring Professional Choreography by:
Larinda McRaven, Nationally recognized professional smooth coach
Russell Jackson, Nationally recognized professional latin/rhythm coach
Plus: Student choreography, nationally-ranked couples, and nearly 60 dancers from our AWARD-WINNING team!
Opening act by the Alumni Logarhythms!
More details on the choreographers can be found here !

Buy tickets online here

MIT Students: $5 ONLINE!/ $10 at the door
MIT Affiliates: $7 ONLINE!/ $12 at the door
Non-MIT Students: $7 ONLINE!/ $12 at the door
General Public: $10 ONLINE!/ $15 at the door

Online ticket sales will close on Saturday, September 24, at midnight.
Students must show student ID’s.
No ticket returns.
No flash photography.

This event was made possible by a generous alumni donation and a Director’s Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT. This event is also sponsored by LEF.

Please contact the Co-Producers/Directors for more information:
Vicky Zhou (vkzhou at gmail dot com)
Eric Nielsen (ericdnielsen at gmail dot com)

August Social Dance

Who: Open to the public

When: 8/13/2011 Beginner’s Class at 7:30pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Sala de Puerto Rico, Student Center, MIT

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.

Summer Social Classes

The MIT Ballroom Dance team is proud to sponsor a series summer beginner social classes.  We will be offering these classes in collaboration with the Ballroom Dance Club.  The classes are open to the public.

No dance experience? No problem!  These classes are targeted at complete beginners.

No partner? It doesn’t matter!  We will rotate through partners in the classes.

No cash? Classes are FREE for MIT students with ID, $3 for MIT affiliates and other students with ID, and $5 for general public

Please note that these classes focus on learning fun social figures.  Our technique-based competitive training starts in the fall!  Sala is on the 2nd floor of the student center, W20-407 is on the 4th floor of the student center, lobby 13 is on the 1st floor of building 13, Morss Hall is the 1st floor of Walker Memorial, and 34-3xx is the 3rd floor of Building 34.

Tentative schedule:

* Note: all classes start at 7pm.

Session 1:


Monday 6/6 Lobdell American Foxtrot/Swing 1
Tuesday 6/7 Morss International Rumba/International Waltz 1
Monday 6/13 Lobdell American Foxtrot/Swing 2
Tuesday 6/14 Morss International Rumba/International Waltz 2
Monday 6/20 Sala American Foxtrot/Swing 3
Tuesday 6/21 Morss International Rumba/International Waltz 3

Session 2:


Monday 6/27 Sala American Tango/International Cha-Cha 1
Tuesday 6/28 Morss Samba/Viennese Waltz 1
Monday 7/11 Lobby 13 American Tango/International Cha-Cha 2
Tuesday 7/12 Morss Samba/Viennese Waltz 2
Monday 7/18 Morss American Tango/International Cha-Cha 3
Tuesday 7/19 Morss Samba/Viennese Waltz 3

Session 3:


Monday 7/25 Lobby 13 American Waltz/Hustle 1
Tuesday 7/26 Lobby 13 Salsa/Quickstep 1
Monday 8/1 Sala American Waltz/Hustle 2
Tuesday 8/2 Morss Hall Salsa/Quickstep 2
Monday 8/8 Sala American Watz/Hustle 3
Tuesday 8/9 Morss Hall Salsa/Quickstep 3

June Dance Social – Now in Morss!

The Campus Activities Office has just moved this event to Morss Hall. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Who: Open to the public

When: 6/18/2011 Beginner’s Class at 7:30pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Morss Hall, Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Drive in Cambridge

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.

May Dance Social

Who: Open to the public

When: 5/21/2011 Beginner’s Class at 7:30pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Sala de Puerto Rico, Student Center, MIT

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.


March Social: Location Changed to Walker Memorial!

Who: Open to the public

When: 3/26/2011 Beginner’s Class at 7:00pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Morss Hall, WALKER MEMORIAL

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.

February Social

Who: Open to the public

When: 2/19/2011 Beginner’s Class at 7:30pm. Social dance starts at 8pm.

Where: Morss Hall, MIT

Tickets: $6 for students; $8 for affiliates; $10 for others.

Beginner Ballroom Workshops in IAP

During the 2011 IAP, the MIT Ballroom Dance Club and the MIT Ballroom Dance Team will jointly sponsor five evening workshops. A different dance will be taught in each workshop. Feel free to attend as many workshops as you have time for. There is no dress code, though we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There is also no pre-registration — just show up and have fun! No partner or experience necessary!

2011 IAP workshops*

Date Location 7:30-8:30pm 8:30-9:00pm
10 January, Monday La Sala Am. Waltz Practice
13 January, Thursday La Sala Am. Foxtrot Practice
17 January, Thursday No class today!
20 January, Thursday Lobdell Samba Practice
24 January, Monday Lobdell Am. Tango Practice
27 January, Thursday Lobdell Int’l Rumba Practice

* The fee for each IAP Workshop is $3 per person. MIT student with a valid MIT ID may attend all workshops free of charge.

La Sala and Lobdell are both on the second floor of the MIT Stratton Student Center.