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Making a final in these competitions is quite an achievement, as the competitions are usually very large. In the archive section is a listing of the MITBDT finalists in competitions that the MIT Ballroom Dance team has participated. In most instances, there are at least 20 competitors in a single event, with as many as 200 (beginner International rumba, MIT 2007)!

On the collegiate scene, there has been an increasing problem of individuals competing at lower levels than they are permitted to do so as set by the guidelines of those individual competitions. This gives them an unfair advantage. The MITBDT takes level restrictions seriously and does not tolerate violations of this sort. We do what we can to try to prevent this from happening within our team. If there are any concerns that an MITBDT team member may be .dancing down. in an upcoming competition, please contact the MITBDT team captain. In fairness to all competitors, we would urge that any individual suspected of level violations from other institutions also be reported prior to the competition to either the institution the individual is from or the competition itself.

MAC 2010

1080 dancers
20 MITBDT dancers

* MITBDT results

Harvard Invitational 2010

564 dancers
54 schools and institutions
98 MITBDT dancers

* MITBDT results