MIT 2018

April 28-29, 2018
MIT campus, Rockwell Cage

There were 90 MITBDT dancers, out of a total of 950 competitors!

List of team finalists

Congratulations to our 11 rookies who completed a grueling 19-dance this year: Constantin Weisser(G), Daria Osipova, Jonathan Tidor(G), Katie Mathison(’19), Miray Omurtak, Nick Ning, Patrik Braun(G), Sonia Zhang, Victor Quach(G), Virginia Faust, and Yuening Zhang(G)! Honorable mention to rookies Zhifen Chen, Rachel Connick(G), Hamid Doosthosseini(G), and Maiya Tracy, who also competed in all four styles this weekend!

Congratulations also to Giorgio Gaglia and Anna Gavrilman, and to Evan Sadler and Alisa Zosin, for finaling in Championship Latin; and to Giorgio and Natasha Struchkova for finaling in Championship Smooth!